2020 NSF STEM Showcase

Connecting Students to Earth SySTEM through Mixed Realities from videohall.com on Vimeo.

Submission to the 2020 National Science Foundation STEM For All Video Showcase:

As a partner organization working with the NASA “GLOBE Mission Earth: Fusing GLOBE with NASA Assets to Build Systematic Innovation in STEM” Team at the University of Toledo, the Institute for Earth Observations has developed K12 outreach programing and advances in “mixed reality” technologies to “Connect Students to Earth SySTEM through Mixed Realities”.   Earth SySTEM utilizes satellite imagery, remote sensing technology, real-time data, and computer visualizations to facilitate interactions between STEM disciplines in the study of Earth as a system. Through the development of Virtual and Augmented reality experiences, STEM professionals, including educators and students, have the capability of looking at the planet as a total global system, a sum of integrated systems, physically interacting in a constantly changing fluid and dynamic state. This new way of looking at Earth has revolutionized the manner in which geoscience and remote sensing education can be introduced into the precollege classroom broadening participation especially to underrepresented and diverse audiences. Through Mixed realities, current and future investigators can study our planet from the perspectives of Space, or on the surface.